News - Urgent: Member Advocacy Requested on Proposed FAA Flying Club Policy Revisions

FSANA has just learned that the AOPA petitioned the FAA to amend the FAA's Airport Compliance Manual Order number 5190.6B in an effort to help further promote non profit flying clubs. The AOPA proposed revisions will allow flight instructors and aircraft mechanics who are club members to receive monetary compensation for their services that they provide to club members. At the present time, flight instructors and mechanics are not permitted to receive monetary compensation. 
Current FAA policy permits flight instructors and aircraft mechanics who are members of flying clubs to be compensated only in the form of credit against payment of dues or flight time.
FSANA is not in favor of the proposed revisions being proposed and feels that the revisions will help to further erode the core business model of the for-profit flight school industry. The revised policies will help to weaken the revenue streams for flight school owners. The revisions will also help to weaken revenue streams for firms that provide for-profit aircraft maintenance.
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Please take a moment and provide a brief response to the FAA by Friday, August 14, 2015, regarding the proposed policy revisions.

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